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First Aid Training

by Clive Walker in Our Team

As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standard of care, we now have our own in house First Aid Trainer, Heidi Hannell. Heidi has worked for us for many years as a Carer and this has been an opportunity for Heidi to learn some new skills and to develop her long standing interest in First Aid.

Earlier this year Heidi went on a week long course, learning all aspects of First Aid - everything from how to resuscitate a baby through to how to remove a bee sting. In addition Heidi learnt a wide range of teaching skills so that she is now very well equipped to share her knowledge with the rest of the Team.

Heidi is busy training the Cloud 9 Team in up to date First Aid procedures. She is able to give particular emphasis to the areas that we are more likely to come across in our work, so this is a very focussed course. All those who have done the training with Heidi found it really interesting and we all feel more confident that we would know what to do in an emergency.


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