Thank you all for looking after my Mum so well over the last few years. She so enjoyed your visits, it was the highlight of her day.

From the family of a lady we cared for over 6 years

I wanted to thank you and all the carers that have taken such good care of [family member] over the past couple of years. You have some lovely carers and they were all very kind.

Family member after our service was no longer needed

I would formally like to thank you for all that you did for Mum over the 7 years she was under your care. You have some wonderful people work for you and I have personally thanked {named carer} who went above and beyond the duty of a carer. It was so comforting to know she was looked after in her later years.

From the son of a long standing client

Thanks for all you did for my husband (even when he was being difficult). Thank you for making my life bearable, with your cheerful smiles and words of encouragement. I shall miss you all.

From the wife of someone for whom we cared

I thank all of your carers for looking after {Name} during the past years. All your efforst have been greatly appreciated. Thank you

From a friend of someone we cared for over many years

I just wanted to say thank you very much for looking after Mum so well while we were away. It is a great relief to know that she has someone to help her when we can't and you all do your job brilliantly.

From the daughter of someone we support

My [relative] has been completely satisfied with the service you have provided in the past and has enjoyed spending her time with your carers. Please pass on her thanks to all the carers that have been involved in supporting her at home.

From the relative of someone whose service has now ended

The carers who look after me do a first rate job.

From someone we currently support at home

Thank you very much to each and every one for all the support and kindness shown to our Mum over recent months. You were all appreciated.

From the family of someone for whom we cared until their death

Thank you to all members of Cloud 9 who have been giving professional care to [name witheld] for the last 3 years. They have demonstrated that looking after [name witheld] was more than a job, they touched her heart as she touched theirs.

From the family of someone who we supported at the end of their life

I'd like you all to know how wonderful your carers have been towards [name witheld] and myself... They have done what was needed in a cheerful and committed way. Please pass on my grateful thanks to them all for their patience and kindness.

From the widow of someone we cared for following many weeks in hospital​

Please share my heartfelt thanks to all the staff who have not only cared for [family member] but also for me at times. You have all been so kind and patient. [......] you have always done your utmost to meet our needs and always with a smile.

From the daughter of someone we cared for until recently