Examples of How We Support People

Mrs A lives with her father, who has Alzheimer's Disease.

Mrs A takes care of her father with the support of her family. However, she finds the role demanding and at times exhausting. She uses Cloud 9 to enable her to take a break when she needs to. Our team have got to know her father well and we know his routines. Mrs A is able to go away for a week, a few days or just have a day out, knowing her father is in safe hands.

Mr B had a stroke 5 years ago and Cloud 9 began caring for him when he first left hospital.

He initially had an extensive care package to meet his needs, but as time passed and his condition improved we reduced the level of care to promote Mr B's independence. He now just has help from us for domestic support and to supervise his weekly bath.

Mrs C lives on her own but has short term memory problems.

Her family are supportive but live a long distance away. Cloud 9 visit her each morning as she finishes her breakfast. The carer will supervise her medication and check her diary with her. They will open the post together and deal with any issues that may arise. Together we have developed a number of strategies to help Mrs C remain safely at home.

Mrs D lives in her own home and is still very independent, despite her failing eyesight.

Her family are concerned that she will soon need help with her personal care, but she will be reluctant to accept this. In order to help Mrs D to become used to having carers, Cloud 9 visit her once a week to help her with a bath. The carer always stays for a coffee and a chat, and Mrs D is now confident that when she needs more help it will not be such a frightening prospect.

Mrs E has lived in sheltered accommodation for many years.

Following a stroke she is now unable to stand, but wishes to remain in her home. Cloud 9 send 2 staff to her 3 times a day, to assist with her personal care, to prepare meals and to keep the flat clean.

Mr F retired to this area, but now lives a long way from his family.

Although they visit as often as they can, they wish they could do more. So the family have arranged for a Cloud 9 carer to visit at lunchtime each day. The carer prepares a meal for him and stays with him while he eats. Sometimes they take him out for a short walk along the promenade in his wheelchair. Mr F's family are reassured that he is having a hot meal each day and he has someone to talk to.

Mrs G had a life-limiting condition and lived at home with her husband.

Cloud 9 provided 2 carers 4 times a day to help with her personal care, working closely with District Nurses and the local GP. In addition, if Mr G wished to go out, Cloud 9 would provide a carer to stay with Mrs G. Whilst there, the carer would do domestic tasks to help Mr G manage the house. After a hospital admission Mrs G was told that there could be no further medical intervention. With the support of her family she returned home immediately and Cloud 9 restarted the care at short notice. Mrs G died peacefully at home surrounded by her family.