Our Commitment

All Social Care Providers adhere to the Code of Conduct for Health and Social Care Workers, which underpins the way in which our care staff work.

Cloud 9 have taken this a step further with our own Cloud 9 Commitment. This is a declaration that has been drawn up by our team of carers. It describes what they believe makes for a quality service. Members of the Team have then committed themselves to take action to ensure that they always seek to live up to the Cloud 9 Commitment.

The Cloud 9 Commitment

We will give a personal service that gives people choices

"I will make time to let people make choices" – Heidi
"I will listen more to people to let them make choices" - Julie

We will make our clients feel happy and comfortable

"I will treat people as individuals and not just as another name on a piece of paper" – Sam S

We will make our clients satisfied with what we do

"I will give a bit of extra time to make people happy" – Rachel M

We will not rush people

"I will try not to rush" – Charlotte
"I will try to make people as happy as I can whilst I make their visit" – Sam T

We will do what people want, not what we think is best

"I will give that extra effort to make people feel important and make them happy" – Millie
"I will make sure people are alright before I leave" - Tracy

We will be reliable

"I will help the team to work better together" - Barbara

We will work together as a team to help our clients

"I will help other members of the team" - Gwen

We will go the extra mile

"I will listen, show compassion and do the little extras" – Dawn