Cloud 9 Pastimes

People who are housebound due to illness, disability or frail health still want to enjoy their lives. But for many people it is difficult to undertake hobbies and craft at home. Many people find that the days are long and lonely, with families leading busy lives and friends unable to visit due to their own infirmity.

Cloud 9 Care have used their many years' experience in providing Home Care to create the Cloud 9 Pastime service. This enables people to spend time with a carer undertaking a leisure activity, tailored to their own interests.

From football to flower-arranging; from cribbage to cooking, a Cloud 9 Pastime visit can provide an enjoyable, stimulating, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

A Cloud 9 Pastime visit can be whatever you want it to be. Some ideas are:

  • Spend an afternoon making mince pies or baking a cake
  • Challenge a carer to a game of drafts, cribbage or dominoes
  • Watch a DVD of a great sporting event together
  • Make a scrapbook of treasured memories
  • Create a flower arrangement for your own enjoyment, or as a gift
  • Make personalised greetings cards for special occasions
  • Create painted acetate gift tags or tree decorations

Xtra Care

Cloud 9 have been providing care to people in their own homes for over 20 years. We know that many people have concerns about how they would manage if their circumstances were to suddenly change, or if they had to deal with some kind of emergency.

We have developed the Xtra Care service which helps people to plan for the future and can offer help and support during a period of crisis.

We recognise that people's needs are different so we offer 3 levels of Xtra Care, Gold, Silver and Bronze, enabling you to choose the level of support which you consider to be most appropriate for your personal situation.

Older woman with carer